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HSBA Training Center organizes the following trainings starting from September 1, 2017:

- Accounting and accounting software training (A.S. 1C).
- Computer program teaching
- Native and Foreign Languages TOEFL implementing, as well as school, pre-school and specialized other courses

On behalf of our whole staff, we warmly invite you to the HSBA Training Center where you can meet with the trainers in the center, choosing the appropriate training version and hours. Trainings are conducted both as team version and individually. Upon completion of the educational program, the best students will be given the opportunity of practice in the accounting center adjacent to the training center and in the case they manage well they may be provided with jobs. To study in the training centre please apply beforehand, contact the above mentioned phone numbers or send an email to our E-Mail.
"Smart Consulting" LLC was founded on 15.01.2013. Mary Sahakyan is the founder and owner of 100% of the company's shares. HSBA training Center implements its activity via "Smart Consulting" LLC.


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